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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aching Heart

Do you remember your closest childhood friend? Are you lucky enough to still be friends? I am fortunate enough to still be very close to my best friend of nearly 20 years. But my heart is aching right now because she is having health problems. I don't really want to talk about it but I just needed to write something about it.

What do you do when your best friend gets a neurological disease? I am just at a loss. I think I should make her dinner once this week or clean her kitchen and get some laundry going but I don't want to make her feel guilty. She is so precious to me. Thanks for listening.


  1. We have a family friend that has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and I am asking the same question.

    I think the best thing we can do is just treat them normally, while remaining aware that this is about them, and not us. You show kindness and love in a way that you've always done. And instead of asking what she needs, do what you feel she needs.

    Keeping you in thought.

    1. I am so sorry hat your friend is ill. It is shocking. My friend may have multiple sclerosis and she just so scared because it runs in her family. It has everyone who loves her scared.

      I really appreciate your response, Amanda. And I know what will help her feel better about things to. Mostly by not thinking about it to much. I hope your friend is responsive to her treatments.

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  3. I feel your pain. My bff has several nuro disorders, epilepsy and fibro, just to name a couple, and having a baby 2 years ago after several miscarriages almost killed her. We have been friends since we were 7 (we are now 31) so I have seen all of her struggle. We don't live in the same state anymore so its hard, but we talk every day thru fb/skype. All I can say is just be there for her, if she needs to vent, let her scream, if she needs to cry, let her open that dam and let it flow.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me LLL. It must be frustrating to be so far apart from your friend but that is the beauty of skype and facetime. But what you said resonates with me. She hasn't screamed yet but she hasn't been given an official diagnosis yet. But when it happens .... if it happens, I will be there. I feel for you LLL because it is so hard to watch a someone you have known and loved your whole life suffer.

  4. I just wanted to say that I really feel you right and you are in my thoughts. It must be so so hard. I am fortunate that I haven't had anyone really in my life that has gotten unwell in this way. Just remember too though to be kind to yourself. You can only do what you can do, you are one person. I'm sure your best friend really appreciates what you do for her and loves having you help.
    Sarah xx

    1. Thank you Sarah! She is feeling better now that the 2 week long episode has passed and that gives me a great feeling of relief. I took yesterday to myself and just stayed home and cleaned a little and cooked dinner. It felt good and refreshing. Hey, it is so good to hear from you love.

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