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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Most recent episode of Bipolar: Depression

I had been depressed for months and as many of you know it is sometimes hard to know it until it is over. So how do I know I was depressed....well it is kinda sad but here goes.
I stopped taking showers regularly. It always felt good to get in the shower but I just couldn't get undressed.
I felt stuck, dull, and had to force a smile most of the time for about two months.
I stopped doing laundry and sweeping the floors and fixing meals
I was napping a lot
I felt unimportant in my own life (does that make sense?)
I couldn't feel joy or elation
I was always feeling a blank stare in my head

But now I am in a much better place. Whew! Oh and I saw my psychiatrist and I told her about my lack of doing things and how I am feeling better and that I would like to get back on ADHD medicine. She said okay and so for the past week I have been very productive.

And I am just curious...
Does anyone have to take ADHD meds and it makes them tired?


  1. Oh my. You're writing my mood over the past three months. I can't help with the ADHD meds, but I can sympathise. Big hugs xx

    1. Big hugs right back Pixie. Is your mood getting any better? I hope so. It really feels awful to be under such a dark cloud.

  2. Yes, all of them can make me tired! ADHD probably sleep on speed and coke. I suppose you are taking to high a dose, or you metabolise too fast and have tebounds all the time, its trick and most doctors dont have the time to bother with dosage. I am taking Vyvanse now, very low dose works great!! Are you are sure you are bipolar? The depression / hyper cycle in ADHD sufferers sometimes mimics the phases... And most doctors just diagnose what they specialize on or what the pharma reps push medication against most.

    Never stop questioning and learning about what is going on with you! In my case i had a million diagnoses, in the end it turned out i just had ADHD (which they all knew) that was not treated appropriately, wrong dose, wrong medication. With the right medication every other psychiatric problem vanished as well.


    1. Stella I adore what you have said. I have often wondered if I am truly bipolar but I have been given that diagnosis by some different doctors so I go with it. And it runs in my family. 4 others in my immediate family are bipolar as well. Two committed suicide because of it. I only bring that up to reassure myself to take my meds. But I am not against being told I am not Bipolar but I have been institutionalized twice for suicidal stuff and I do go through mania with voices and paranoia. But all that is managed super well right now. Can ADHD cause that too?

      And on the ADHD front, I am in the midst of trying to get on 20mg of generic Ritalin LA. 10mg 2 x's a day. But currently I am on just the regular ritalin 10mg 2x's a day but it doesn't last long in my system so I hope the extended release helps so long as my insurance approves it.

      I really hope they approve it. And I am so happy your problems were eased by the proper dosage and type of ADHD medicine. How awesome that is!


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