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Monday, January 13, 2014

Shrink Assaulted: Reaction Is Surprising

I feel bad for the shrinks out there trying to help us, the mentally ill and unwell alike, get through this life in the most positive and productive way possible. Unfortunately for the shrink, the job is risky. This is a link to the accounts of an assaulted psych and the surprising result that followed. Please comment below if you think the shrink did the right thing.


  1. Interesting article ... I think that he did the right thing for him.

    I'm not sure what I would do - I think that I'd understand that it isn't all as simple as it would seem to others, though.

  2. I am a nurse.
    I was punched in the face by a psych patient (I was a patient as well). Knocked me right off of my feet.
    I was given the option to press charges but like the psych, I chose not to. I do believe that no matter what mental illness you are suffering from, you are responsible for your actions and should be held accountable. My bipolar diagnosis is not an excuse.
    However, it is used time and time again in the court system so really, why bother?

  3. He probably did the right thing, but maybe he should have looked into the patient's diagnosis. We are responsible for our actions, mental illness or not. I hate it when people dismiss my reactions to something off to my bipolar disorder. So why let me off by my actions.



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